Decorative Fabric Fascias for Roller Shades

Many of our clients prefer their roller shades with fascias due to the more formal and clean look it gives them as compared to just the roll. This is especially true with inside mounts. However, what most people do not know is that some of our fascias come with the ability to place a fabric insert on the outside of the fascia. In this way the fascia and the roller shade itself will match completely. The result is a look that compliments any door or window with whatever color or pattern you choose.

5% White/Creme w/ Decorative Fascia

5% White/Creme w/ Decorative Fascia


One of our clients in Weston, FL wanted to replace her old draperies with new shades with the idea that they will remain open most of the time. Roller shades became her best option due to the little space they take up when in the open position, and their affordability. She choose a beautiful 5% White/Creme fabric that matched her orange painted walls amazingly.

Once the old draperies were removed the rooms themselves lost a lot of their color and decor, but after explaining to her how these matching fabric fascias worked she loved the idea. As you see from the pictures below she loves her new roller shades. Even when open the decorative fascias still give the rooms they are in some added color and style.

Contact us today and one of our sales reps will provide you with a free estimate and fabric samples to choose from.

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