Faux Wood Blinds – A Classic Look for a Fraction of the Price

Horizontal wood blinds never really go out of style. The colors and components may change over time, but like wood floors, it’s hard to replace a classic. What makes them so great is their flexibility of controlling the amount sunlight that enters your home. Not only can you lift them up and down completely, but their slats can also be adjusted as needed.

What many of our consumers don’t know is that there is a less expensive alternative to real wood blinds, and that’s Faux Wood Blinds. Looking at them and touching them you will never know the difference. The only difference you will see is in the savings, and when you look in your wallet.

Another great feature of our Faux Wood Blinds is that we can match vertical slats for larger areas, or sliding glass doors. By doing so, your entire home can have matching faux wood blinds and verticals. Also, for larger windows we can utilize a two-in-one or three-in-one head-rail system.

Our Faux Wood Blinds come in an assortment of colors and textures that can match any cabinetry, flooring, or decor. They also come standard with a matching valances, and can either have a pull string or wand to control the tilt.

Please contact us today for your free estimate.

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Bronze is the New Black in Fort Lauderdale

SCR-3005-10 Charcoal Dark Bronze

SCR-3005-10 Charcoal Dark Bronze

When most people think of bronze they think of finishing in third place, or old-timey steam-punk. However, interior design trends are always changing and bronze is becoming the new black. Recently we have had a high influx of customers wanting a darker roller shade fabric to match there ever darkening interior colors of floors, furniture, and cabinetry. For this client in particular, they  live on Fort Lauderdale beach and needed some heat and UV protection for their living room without blocking their view. They were a little weary at first with going with such a dark fabric, but they quickly fell in love with the look once they were installed and functional.

They opted for using a Coulisse 3000 series fabric at 10% opacity so that their ocean view during the day is not obstructed, yet they still protect the home and furniture from heat and damaging UV rays. You can instantly feel the noticeable difference standing in the sun while the shade is either up or down. This will not only keep the house cooler during peak hours, but also save on energy bills. In order to save on costs they decided not to have the bronze matching fascia, but instead go with a reverse roll of the fabric. What this does is give the appearance of a finished look since you cannot see the roll of fabric and components behind the shade. Not only is this an affordable alternative, but it is perfect for clearing exposed door handles that would otherwise be in the way for an inside window or door mount.

Another great thing you will notice about darker color roller shade blinds is that looking through them becomes easier due to the lack of glare bouncing of the individual threads. They really are the best of both worlds when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

Call us today for a free estimate and start your 2015 with some new beautiful Dark Bronze roller shade blinds for your home or business.

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Hunter Douglas Silhouettes with The Platinum App

The Green Diamond on Miami Beach is a beautiful condominium that depending on what side of the building your unit is on can be facing either the sunrise or sunset. This kind of direct sunlight on a daily basis cannot only keep indoor temperatures high, but also damage furniture and paint over time. That’s why it is important to have flexibility when choosing blinds. You want to be able to block the sun when needed, but also give your high-rise luxury apartment style, or at the very least add to the decor.

For this particular unit our clients opted for motorized 3″ Hunter Douglas Silhouettes and motorized blackout roller shades behind them. This combination of blinds and shades offered them the best of both worlds, and with the addition of the Hunter Douglas Platinum App operating them is a breeze. This great app for your phone or tablet is available for download in the Apple Store, Google Play, and for Kindle Fire. This app makes it possible to operate your motorized blinds from the convenience of simply using your smart phone or tablet.

As you can see from the pictures below they came out beautifully. The choice of having three different color Silhouettes to match each of the rooms was a great decision. We also added side-rails and fascias to the blackout roller shades so that in the early morning hours sleeping in will never be a problem.

If you have any questions on Hunter Douglas products or their new Platinum App please contact us today for a free estimate.

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Cordless Roller Shades in Weston, FL

Temple Dor Dorim

Recently we had the pleasure of manufacturing and installing some roller shades for Temple Dor Dorim in Weston, FL. Since it is a school, and they have to follow certain safety codes, they needed blinds that were both cordless and fire retardant. This was not a problem for us since we offer such operating systems and materials.

Our cordless roller shade system is spring loaded making them both safe for children, and easy to operate. They are available in sizes up to 96″ in width, so for some of the bigger windows we divided them based on the window panes.

For each of the classrooms they choose a fire retardant 3% Slate colored sheerweave with matching valance and polished aluminum bottom rail. Perfect for keeping the classroom cool during the day, but with enough visibility to still fill the room with natural light.

For the assembly room they opted to go with a darker color to better match the walls and floor. The 3% Charcoal Dark Bronze with matching valance was the perfect choice. Within minutes the temperature dropped considerably once the blinds were installed. In the long run this will also save them on electricity, which any commercial business on a budget will appreciate.

As you can see from the photos above this project came out beautifully. We’d like to thank Temple Dor Dorim for thinking of us for there blind and shade needs, and if you too are interested in these products please contact us today for a free estimate.

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Sliding Glass Door Roller Shades

Recently we’ve had a lot of clients ask us what their best and most affordable options for sliding glass doors. They usually want something more modern than the typical vertical blind, and that is understandable. What we always recommend is a roller shade. They not only come in an assortment of colors and opacity, but they are also highly functional and incredibly durable. They look great in either the up or down position, and the versatility of these blinds can also be measured through their privacy and energy efficiency.

For our most recent project, concerning sliding glass doors, our client wanted something that would match in two separate rooms with varying colors. They elected to go with a 5% white and grey mesh with a polished aluminum bottom rail. As you can see from the pictures below they came out beautifully, and since they were outside mounted they covered the glass door completely.

For more information concerning Roller Shades, or if you would like a free estimate, please contact us today.

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Dania Beach’s New Southwest Community Center

The City of Dania Beach‘s new Southwest Community Center is newly renovated and ready for the public. Florida International Blind Factory is happy to say we were tasked with fabricating the new blinds for their main meeting room. Since movie viewings and presentations will be conducted in this large space regularly it was essential to protect the room from light and glare.

Knowing that many people will also be using this room, it was important that the blinds we built were both durable and easy to function. The best choice for what they needed was Roller Shades. Combined with a 1% Soft Grey fabric the blinds not only matched the many colors in the room, but also blocked out the majority of light from the windows when lowered.

If you would like more information on our commercial or residential products please contact us for a free estimate.

For more information concerning The City of Dania Beach‘s Southwest Community Center please contact them directly from the information provided below.

SWCC Information

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California Day Dreaming

Every so often we get the opportunity to work on truly unique blinds designed specifically for what a client has in mind. This time we had a wonderful couple contact us all the way from California asking if we could design a blind with a picture on it. Since they work from home they wanted to transform their home office into a beach scene from their all-time favorite vacation in Hawaii.

What you see below is a roller shade mosaic from an actual picture they took from their Hawaiian vacation. As you can see from the pictures their home office now looks and feels completely different. Now anytime they want to go back on vacation all they have to do is lower their new roller shade and they are magically transported there.


Before their new shade.


Mosaic Roller Shade

After their new shade.



Mosaic Roller Shade


For more information on our Mosaic Roller Shades contact us today to see if you too can have a permanent staycation in your own home!


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Our New Location!

Moving Truck

We are happy to announce that both Florida International Blind Factory and Poseidon Window Treatments have moved our operations to a larger facility located at:

1942 Tigertail Blvd.
Dania Beach, FL 33004

(Please use this new address for all correspondence)

This new facility is already up and running, so any current and future orders will be processed in the same timely manner for which many of our clients have already come to expect.

We thank you for your continued business, and we understand our success comes in no small part to your belief in our products and services.

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Commercial Roller Shades With Fascias

It’s a fact that most offices or commercial spaces have windows. If well thought out, those windows can be large and give your business or store front plenty of natural light. However, often times those same windows can also be a hindrance to a business. For example, if an office in question faces either east or west the rising and setting sun will play havoc on temperatures and visibility which will ultimately lower overall productivity.

We here at Florida International Blind Factory understand how important being comfortable is to you and your employees. That’s why many business owners turn to us for all their blind and shade needs.

Most recently we were able to help out one of our clients in Kendall, FL. They were moving to a new office building and were looking for blinds that not only helped keep the sun off their computer screens in the morning, but also matched the clean look of their interior design. They opted for 10% white Roller Shade fabric and matching white fascias. This way when the blinds were open the roll of fabric could not be seen. As you can see from the pictures below they came out beautifully.


If your business is looking for new blinds and are tired of the 1970’s vertical blind look contact us today for a free estimate. Get you business looking better and keeping cooler so you too can improve your productivity.

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Decorative Fabric Fascias for Roller Shades

Many of our clients prefer their roller shades with fascias due to the more formal and clean look it gives them as compared to just the roll. This is especially true with inside mounts. However, what most people do not know is that some of our fascias come with the ability to place a fabric insert on the outside of the fascia. In this way the fascia and the roller shade itself will match completely. The result is a look that compliments any door or window with whatever color or pattern you choose.

5% White/Creme w/ Decorative Fascia

5% White/Creme w/ Decorative Fascia


One of our clients in Weston, FL wanted to replace her old draperies with new shades with the idea that they will remain open most of the time. Roller shades became her best option due to the little space they take up when in the open position, and their affordability. She choose a beautiful 5% White/Creme fabric that matched her orange painted walls amazingly.

Once the old draperies were removed the rooms themselves lost a lot of their color and decor, but after explaining to her how these matching fabric fascias worked she loved the idea. As you see from the pictures below she loves her new roller shades. Even when open the decorative fascias still give the rooms they are in some added color and style.

Contact us today and one of our sales reps will provide you with a free estimate and fabric samples to choose from.

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