Bronze is the New Black in Fort Lauderdale

SCR-3005-10 Charcoal Dark Bronze

SCR-3005-10 Charcoal Dark Bronze

When most people think of bronze they think of finishing in third place, or old-timey steam-punk. However, interior design trends are always changing and bronze is becoming the new black. Recently we have had a high influx of customers wanting a darker roller shade fabric to match there ever darkening interior colors of floors, furniture, and cabinetry. For this client in particular, they  live on Fort Lauderdale beach and needed some heat and UV protection for their living room without blocking their view. They were a little weary at first with going with such a dark fabric, but they quickly fell in love with the look once they were installed and functional.

They opted for using a Coulisse 3000 series fabric at 10% opacity so that their ocean view during the day is not obstructed, yet they still protect the home and furniture from heat and damaging UV rays. You can instantly feel the noticeable difference standing in the sun while the shade is either up or down. This will not only keep the house cooler during peak hours, but also save on energy bills. In order to save on costs they decided not to have the bronze matching fascia, but instead go with a reverse roll of the fabric. What this does is give the appearance of a finished look since you cannot see the roll of fabric and components behind the shade. Not only is this an affordable alternative, but it is perfect for clearing exposed door handles that would otherwise be in the way for an inside window or door mount.

Another great thing you will notice about darker color roller shade blinds is that looking through them becomes easier due to the lack of glare bouncing of the individual threads. They really are the best of both worlds when it comes to aesthetics and functionality.

Call us today for a free estimate and start your 2015 with some new beautiful Dark Bronze roller shade blinds for your home or business.

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