Cordless Roller Shades in Weston, FL

Temple Dor Dorim

Recently we had the pleasure of manufacturing and installing some roller shades for Temple Dor Dorim in Weston, FL. Since it is a school, and they have to follow certain safety codes, they needed blinds that were both cordless and fire retardant. This was not a problem for us since we offer such operating systems and materials.

Our cordless roller shade system is spring loaded making them both safe for children, and easy to operate. They are available in sizes up to 96″ in width, so for some of the bigger windows we divided them based on the window panes.

For each of the classrooms they choose a fire retardant 3% Slate colored sheerweave with matching valance and polished aluminum bottom rail. Perfect for keeping the classroom cool during the day, but with enough visibility to still fill the room with natural light.

For the assembly room they opted to go with a darker color to better match the walls and floor. The 3% Charcoal Dark Bronze with matching valance was the perfect choice. Within minutes the temperature dropped considerably once the blinds were installed. In the long run this will also save them on electricity, which any commercial business on a budget will appreciate.

As you can see from the photos above this project came out beautifully. We’d like to thank Temple Dor Dorim for thinking of us for there blind and shade needs, and if you too are interested in these products please contact us today for a free estimate.

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