Commercial Roller Shades With Fascias

It’s a fact that most offices or commercial spaces have windows. If well thought out, those windows can be large and give your business or store front plenty of natural light. However, often times those same windows can also be a hindrance to a business. For example, if an office in question faces either east or west the rising and setting sun will play havoc on temperatures and visibility which will ultimately lower overall productivity.

We here at Florida International Blind Factory understand how important being comfortable is to you and your employees.┬áThat’s why many business owners turn to us for all their blind and shade needs.

Most recently we were able to help out one of our clients in Kendall, FL. They were moving to a new office building and were looking for blinds that not only helped keep the sun off their computer screens in the morning, but also matched the clean look of their interior design. They opted for 10% white Roller Shade fabric and matching white fascias. This way when the blinds were open the roll of fabric could not be seen. As you can see from the pictures below they came out beautifully.


If your business is looking for new blinds and are tired of the 1970’s vertical blind look contact us today for a free estimate. Get you business looking better and keeping cooler so you too can improve your productivity.

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