Sliding Glass Door Roller Shades

Recently we’ve had a lot of clients ask us what their best and most affordable options for sliding glass doors. They usually want something more modern than the typical vertical blind, and that is understandable.¬†What we always recommend is a roller shade. They not only come in an assortment of colors and opacity, but they are also highly functional and incredibly durable. They look great in either the up or down position, and the versatility of these blinds can also be¬†measured through their privacy and energy efficiency.

For our most recent project, concerning sliding glass doors, our client wanted something that would match in two separate rooms with varying colors. They elected to go with a 5% white and grey mesh with a polished aluminum bottom rail. As you can see from the pictures below they came out beautifully, and since they were outside mounted they covered the glass door completely.

For more information concerning Roller Shades, or if you would like a free estimate, please contact us today.

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