Honeycomb Shades

Double Cell

Double Cell

Single Cell

Single Cell

Our Honeycomb Shades are a very flexible product and great for all windows and doors. The cells themselves come in three different sizes of 3/4″, 3/8″, and 9/16″ . They can also be manufactured in either a single, double, or triple honeycomb and come in a variety of opacity levels. With over 50 fabrics and colors to choose from in our collection, we can match any interior or style.

Here are the operating systems available for the our Honeycomb Collection:

  • Tension System
  • Pull-cord System
  • Continuous Cord Loop System
  • Cordless System
  • Motorized System
  • Top/Down – Bottom/Up System

We can also manufacture this product with angled cuts for custom jobs. Our Honeycomb shades can fit the hardest custom shape applications.

Product Highlights:

  • Great Pricing
  • Many fabrics to choose from
  • Variety of operating systems
  • Vertical cellular for sliding glass doors
  • Can be manufactured to fit any shape or window angle
  • Fire retardant fabrics available (NFPA 701-99)

Please click on the links below to view our many Fabric Swatches that are based on size and opacity:

Click here to view 3/8″ Colors

Click here to view 3/4″ Colors

Click here to view 9/16″ Colors




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