California Day Dreaming

Every so often we get the opportunity to work on truly unique blinds designed specifically for what a client has in mind. This time we had a wonderful couple contact us all the way from California asking if we could design a blind with a picture on it. Since they work from home they wanted to transform their home office into a beach scene from their all-time favorite vacation in Hawaii.

What you see below is a roller shade mosaic from an actual picture they took from their Hawaiian vacation. As you can see from the pictures their home office now looks and feels completely different. Now anytime they want to go back on vacation all they have to do is lower their new roller shade and they are magically transported there.


Before their new shade.


Mosaic Roller Shade

After their new shade.



Mosaic Roller Shade


For more information on our Mosaic Roller Shades contact us today to see if you too can have a permanent staycation in your own home!


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