Son of a Beach, That’s a Dark Room!

Those of you on the east coast who live on the beach know how brutal that morning sun can be. Especially if you, your family, or some of your guests are trying to sleep in past sunrise. That is why our blackout roller shades are becoming so popular, especially for those that live in high-rise condos with no protection from the sun.

On this particular Roller Shade project our client wanted a motorized system in their guest room that works on a remote control so they are easy for anyone to operate. We also added side-rails to guarantee no light will enter the guest room when the blinds are down. No fascias were needed here because the blinds fit into pockets above the windows. Just look at the pictures below and see how one second you have a beautiful ocean view and the next moment complete darkness if the lights were off.


If you are interested in how our blackout roller shades can help protect your home from the sun please contact us today for a free estimate.


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