Dual Roller Shades in Century Village

Roller shades have become a very modern application when it comes to window treatments. This is mostly because of their simplicity and ability to disappear behind a fascia when in the up position. It also doesn’t hurt that when it comes to size, roller shades can be some of the biggest blinds we manufacture. That being said, your typical roller shade does have one deficiency, and that is when it comes to flexibility. Most horizontal blinds allow you to control the amount of light that passes through them by controlling and tilting their veins. Until now most roller shades were either up or down. Sure there were some alternatives like expensive sheer shades, but now with our new Dual Shades you can control the amount of light and privacy easily! 

Another issue our new Dual Shades solve is mounting space limitation within any given window frame. Instead of having to place both a blackout roller shade and a light filtering roller shade in a window,  you can have one shade. The shades have three privacy options! Also included with each order are your choice of three different fascias. 

As you can see in the photos below, our clients in Century Village in Pembroke Pines, FL elected to go with Dim Out fabric in our Sterling Silver Color. After removing their old vertical blinds they were amazed by how much their new blinds lifted up their master bedroom and gave them the modern look they craved.


Our Dual Shades come in over 25 different fabric patterns, that come in more than 100 colors, featuring natural looking, decorative metallic, decorative plain, full bodied, texturized, vinyl and Dim Out fabrics.

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