Add Your Own Personalized Image to Roller Shades and Honeycomb Blinds

Our newest products allow you to add any image you wish to our popular roller shade and honeycomb blind collections. These are great for any sports fans who want to showcase their favorite team logos in their homes or man caves. Tired of looking at your neighbors fence? Why not add a mountain or beach scene? You can even supply us with a picture of your own. The sky really is the limit with these gorgeous shades and blinds.

These products are great for commercial businesses as well. Have your company logo or slogan for clients to see from either the outside or inside of your office. Not only is it great for marketing purposes, but they can also set the mood to increase productivity in your staff. These are especially great for retail stores in plazas where you can display your logo in your storefront for maximum visibility.

Available in both light-filtered and blackout, these roller shades and honeycomb blinds are perfect for bedrooms to boardrooms! Think how cool it would be for your kids or grand-kids to have their favorite superhero displayed on their window every night.

For a free estimate on these new roller shades and honeycomb blinds contact us today and change that boring old window into a canvas to display whatever you choose!

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