Roller Screen Project for Equestrian Park

This is our latest finished project for an Equestrian Park in West Palm Beach. As you can see from the pictures below, what they originally had placed on the exterior of the second story cafe and lounge was large plastic wrap. The plastic wrap may have kept the rain and wind out, but because of the inability for the material to breath it got extremely hot and uncomfortable during events. The plastic wrap was also very difficult to remove and caused problems for the patrons and staff when it needed to be removed or put up.

Our strong roller screens were the perfect alternative to such a structure due to their very flexible nature. Not only are they easy to roll up and down, but they also protect you from the elements without losing visibility. As you can see they add a level of privacy as well since anyone who sits inside may look out, butĀ peopleĀ sitting outside cannot look in.

Please contact us today if you think our Roller Screens would be the perfect match for your commercial establishment!

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