Manta Ray Inn Renovation Project

Manta Ray Inn

The Manta Ray Inn located at 1715 S Surf Road Hollywood, FL is our latest client to enjoy our Honeycomb Shade products. These quality shades are built in-house and can be produced in large quantities at an affordable price. They are perfect for large remodeling projects and are easy to install and use!

We used a number of different variations for this project including a top-down system for the doors on a tension system, and light filtered fabrics for the common areas on a continuous cord system. However, since the Manta Ray Inn is a vacation destination, its owners have decided to give each bedroom a black out fabric which prevents light from coming in. This way guests can relax and sleep  at their own leisure.


All the upgrades and remodeling has transformed the Manta Ray Inn from a charming ocean front inn to one of South Florida’s great beach vacation destinations. To learn more please visit their website at the link below.

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