A View to Kill…. For

Million dollar views are great. However, like anything good they come with a huge downside. For one of our clients with a second home on Miami Beach this couldn’t be more true. As you can see from the photos below the view from the condo is spectacular. Too bad the sun rises every morning directly into their windows in blinding fashion. It’s obviously not the most relaxing place to have an early morning family breakfast with the sun baking and blinding you from the horizon. Also, on the south side of their unit is a newly built hotel that is literally right next door facing them. Since they started having quests they have received very little privacy due to its close proximity.

We needed to find them a solution to both of their issues without taking away from their view. What we were able to offer them was roller shades that not only block out the hot rays of the sun and keep the condo cooler, but also block peeping toms from other buildings looking in. We manufactured all the blinds with beautiful fascias that have cloth inserts to match the different fabrics in each room.

In the kitchen they chose a 3% White/Creme fabric, with a 3% Bone/Bone color fabric in the living and dining rooms. The finished results were shades that our clients could not be happier with. And since they were able to get rid of some clumsy draperies that were there from before it really opened up the condo and makes it look and feel bigger.


For more information on our large selection of roller shades please contact us for a free estimate. Don’t let your 2nd home ruin your vacation with bad window treatments.

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